ACM SAC 2015, April 13-17, Salamanca, Spain

MMV Accepted Papers

* Personalized Video Summarization Using SIFT
Authors:  kaveh darabi and Gheorghita ghinea

* Shot-HR: A Video Shot Representation Method Based on Visual Features
Authors:  Tamires Barbieri, Tiago Trojahn, Moacir Ponti Jr. and Rudinei Goularte

* Anomalous Network Communication Detection System by a Visual Pattern on a Client Computer
Authors:  Hayate Goto and Tetsuji Takada

* Automatic Multi-Camera Remix from Single Video
Authors:  Sujeet Mate, Igor D.D. Curcio, Antti Eronen and Arto Lehtiniemi

* Controlling the Focus and Input Events in Multimedia Applications
Authors:  Luiz Fernando Soares, Marcio Moreno and Alan Lívio Vasconcelos

* An Approach for Controlling Synchronous Remote Instances of a Multimedia Presentation
Authors:  Erick Mello, Caio Viel, Cesar Teixeira

Final steps required to finalize the camera-ready manuscript:
1) prepare your final camera-ready paper using the template except for the DOI part at the bottom of the first page
2) complete your ACM online copyright after receiving an email from ACM on how to complete your copyright (expect the email within several days)
3) find the DOI of your paper at the confirmation email that you will receive from ACM upon completing your ACM online copyright form, and add it to your final camera-ready paper
4) go to your final submission webpage, fill in the details, and upload your camera-ready paper (PDF) there